HC Deb 17 July 1879 vol 248 c633

In reference to an answer given to my hon. Friend the Member for the Elgin Burghs a short time ago, I should like to know, Whether the Government have departed from the intention which they announced at the beginning of the Session, and afterwards on the adjournment for the Easter Holidays, of making themselves a statement on the position of affairs on the North-West Frontier. I understood the right hon. Gentleman to say that he intended shortly to lay a despatch on the Table. I wish to know whether, on the production of these Papers, a discussion will arise? I think the right hon. Gentleman once said he intended himself to call attention to the position of these affairs. I should like to know whether that is still his intention?


Sir, I had forgotten the precise circumstances to which the noble Lord refers; but there will be no indisposition on the part of the Government to afford, or, if necessary, to make, an opportunity for a statement in regard to the position of affairs on the North-West Frontier of India. I have no desire to evade any arrangement which may have been made; but I had forgotten the circumstances to which the noble Lord refers.