HC Deb 11 July 1879 vol 248 cc163-4

desired to put to Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer a Question relating to the Motion which the right hon. Gentleman intended, to make on Monday next with reference to the Business on Tuesdays and Wednesday during the remainder of the Session. His hon. Friend the Member for Chelsea (Sir Charles W. Dilke) had a Notice on the Paper for Tuesday, the 22nd inst., relating to some unfulfilled portions of the Treaty of Berlin. He did not know whether his hon. Friend had yet placed on the Paper the exact terms he proposed to move; but, at all events, the subject was one of great importance and interest, and he thought the Government would be of opinion that an opportunity should be given for the discussion of his hon. Friend's Motion. Perhaps, the right hon. Gentleman would state, Whether he could give the day which his hon. Friend had already secured?


in reply, admitted that the Motion of the hon. Baronet the Member for Chelsea (Sir Charles W. Dilke) was one which the House ought to have an opportunity of discussing, and he would undertake to make such arrangements that the hon. Member would have the same advantages that he would have possessed but for the intention of the Government to make the proposed Motion on Monday next with reference to the conduct of Public Business. He would also make arrangements for the discussion of the Motion of the hon. Member for Hackney (Mr. Fawcett) relating to the water supply of the Metropolis.

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