HC Deb 04 July 1879 vol 247 cc1417-8

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether Her Majesty's Government have taken or are about to take any steps at Constantinople to obtain additional powers for the Governor General of Syria, with a view to the better government of that province?


Sir, I am not aware that any communications have passed between Her Majesty's Government and the Porte upon this subject. We have every reason to believe that Midhat Pasha is seriously endeavouring to improve, by every means in his power, the condition of the country intrusted to him. We have also reason to believe that he has submitted a scheme of reform to the Porte, and that a proposal to confer additional powers on the Governor General is part of that scheme. We have also every reason to believe that the proposal made by Midhat Pasha has been favourably received by the Porte, and we believe all the proposals of Midhat Pasha will be acceded to by the Porte.