HC Deb 03 July 1879 vol 247 c1283

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether any complaints were made against Sir Francis W. Brady previous to his removal to the County Court of Tyrone by the Sessional Crown Solicitor of Roscommon, and the other solicitors practising before Sir F. W. Brady in that county; whether he has been more frequently before the Court of Queen's Bench, Ireland, on certiorari and mandamus motions, than all the other County Court Judges put together; whether he has neglected or refused to make the necessary returns to those orders when served upon him; how many appeals from his decisions were for hearing at the last Spring Assizes for the County of Tyrone; and, how many of these decisions were reversed?


I am unable to find any record of any complaint having been made to the Government against Sir Francis Brady, either before or after his appointment to the County Court of Tyrone. With respect to the last four inquiries of the hon. Member, there is no means of obtaining official information except by adopting a course which would be unusual; but I am led to believe that appeals against Sir Francis Brady's decisions have not been more frequent than the average prevailing among his colleagues, and that the results have not, as a rule, been less favourable to him than in the case off others similarly circumstanced.