HC Deb 25 February 1879 vol 243 c1753

asked the Vice President of the Council, Whether his attention has been called to the large and immediate expenditure proposed to be made by the Mersey Dock and Harbour Board in providing accommodation to meet the requirements of the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act of last Session, and whether the approval of the Privy Council has been obtained as regarded the works about to be undertaken, and whether the whole of such works are necessary?


Sir, the Mersey Dock and Harbour Board have applied for and received the sanction of the Lords of the Council to their proposal to erect lairs and slaughterhouses on certain landing places in the port of Liverpool for the reception of foreign animals. No correspondence has taken place in reference to the cost of the proposed erections; but it is believed that the accommodation will not be more than adequate to the requirements of the trade. For some time past the accommodation for landing, lairage, and slaughter of foreign animals in the port has been insufficient.