HC Deb 17 February 1879 vol 243 c1303

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether the so-called Definitive Treaty between Russia and Turkey has been or will be officially communicated by the contracting Powers to Her Majesty's Government; and, as to an alleged stipulation concerning an indemnity of eight hundred and two and a half million francs, claimed by Russia, whether Her Majesty's Government adhered to the statements of Lord Salisbury in his Despatch inclosing copy of the Treaty of Berlin, viz.: That it results from these declarations, that Turkey is not internationally bound, and cannot be compelled to pay any portion of the indemnity until the claims of all the creditors of loans anterior to the war have been paid in full?


Sir, I have to state that no official copy of the Treaty between Turkey and Russia has been communicated to Her Majesty's Government. [Mr. OTWAY: Or will be?] I am not able to state whether any copy will be communicated. With regard to the second Question, the best answer that I can give is to quote the formal declaration of Prince Gortchakoff, recorded in the Protocols of Berlin. In the 11th Protocol, when the subject of the indemnity was under consideration, there is the following entry:— Prince Gortchakoff repeats that the indemnity of war will not affect the interests of the creditors of the Porte.