HC Deb 17 February 1879 vol 243 c1311

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether a Bill will be introduced to give effect to the proposal to advance £2,000,000, free of interest, from the English Exchequer to the Indian Government towards the expenses of the Afghan war; and, if so, when the Bill will be brought in?


Sir, I think it is possible that some little misapprehension may exist on this subject. It is not intended to make any advance to the Indian Government at the present moment on account of the expenses of the Afghan War. I merely intimated to the House, on a previous occasion, that it is possible that some such proposal may be made. Such a proposal, however, if made at all, will not be brought before the House until after the statement in reference to the Indian Budget has been made, and that statement will not be made until towards the close of the present month. The proposal, if made, will not have reference to the service of the current financial year, but to the service of the next financial year. I shall, therefore, probably not have occasion to bring it before the House until the Budget time. Of course, it will take the form of a Bill, and be subject to discussion in this House.


gave Notice that he would call attention to the injurious effect likely to be produced both on the finances of England and India if such a form of contribution was carried out.