HC Deb 15 August 1879 vol 249 c1040


1. AN Act to confirm certain conveyances made by the Trustees of the Will of William Ryder Richardson, deceased, and to give further Powers for enabling the Appropriation and Sale of Land for Building Sites; and for other purposes.

2. An Act to authorise the feuing of parts of the Lands of Tayfield Northfield, and others, in the parish of Forgan, or Saint Phyllans, and county of Fife.

3. An Act to make provision with respect to the shares of Thomas Roper, deceased, in the capital and business of the firm of Harrison, Ainslie, and Company.

4. An Act to authorise the sale of the Estate of Stuckgown, in the County of Dumbarton, and to provide for the application of the price thereof.

5. An Act to charge certain Moneys on the interests of Jessie Edwards, Anna Dorothea Edwards, Eyre Evans Edwards, and Mary Eliza Edwards, Infants, in a Moiety of certain Estates in the counties of Limerick, Dublin, and Queen, and the city of Dublin in Ireland; and for other purposes.

6. An Act to authorise the granting of Building and Improvement Leases of the Estates devised by the Will of Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Baronet; and for other purposes.

7. An Act for giving effect to a compromise of certain opposing claims affecting the Estates of William Sydney Earl of Leitrim, deceased, in the counties of Leitrim, Donegal, Galway, and Kildare, in Ireland.

8. An Act for enlarging the leasing powers relating to the Estates annexed to the Earldom of Arundel, and for effecting an exchange of parts of the same Estates, and for authorizing Exchanges and Sales of other parts of the same Estates; and for other purposes.