HC Deb 14 August 1879 vol 249 c970

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether he can give any information as to the prevalence of smallpox in Fiji, and will lay upon the Table of the House any Despatches on the subject from the Governor of Fiji?


The Leonidas arrived at Fiji, from Calcutta, with Coolie immigrants, on May 14. There were then cases of small-pox on board. The ship was at once placed in quarantine; great energy and resource were shown by the Administrator, MR. De Vœux, Dr. Macgregor, and other authorities, in making the necessary arrangements for preventing communications with her; and, by the last accounts, it seemed that their exertions had proved entirely successful in preventing the spread of the disease. On first receiving this intelligence I telegraphed to the Governor of New South Wales to send temporary medical assistance to Fiji if the small-pox extended beyond the quarantine station, and on June 19 I sent out an extra medical officer from this country to the Colony.