HC Deb 08 August 1879 vol 249 c506

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, What steps are being taken to carry out the River Deel drainage works in the barony of Ossory and Kilmore, county of Cork; and, whether the necessary conditions required by the Board of Works have not been long since complied with?


Sir, as complaints have, from time to time, been made against the Board of Works on the ground of their alleged dilatory action in instances in which the fault has really lain with the parties who urged the complaints, I think it well to state exactly what took place with reference to this particular case. On June 4, 1877, a Petition, bearing date May 3, 1876–13 months previous to its receipt—was received by the Board of Works from a Mr. John Ryan, a solicitor of Charleville, County Cork. A reply was sent to him on June 6, 1877, pointing out further particulars which it was necessary for him to furnish. No reply was received from Mr. Ryan until May 20, 1879, when he forwarded plans for a new scheme, which he designated as the "Milford District Drainage," instead of the "Deel River District Drainage," as his original scheme had been intituled. On the 29th of May, 1879, a communication was sent to Mr. Ryan, calling his attention to this fact, and that it was necessary for him to comply with certain specified conditions prescribed by Act of Parliament, since which nothing further has been heard of him by the Board of Works.