HC Deb 07 August 1879 vol 249 c468

(11.) £30,000, Supplementary sum for The Mint, including Coinage, agreed to.

(12.) £11,966, Supplementary sum for Chief Secretary for Ireland, Offices.


wished to know why the original estimate under this head had been largely exceeded?


observed, that there had not been an increase in this Vote; but that no Vote had yet been taken upon that account, and the present Vote was in respect of the whole expenses.


said, that a change had been made in the Vote, partly in consequence of the diminution of the protective inspection at the ports on this side of the Channel; although, in his opinion, the inspection could be much better done here than on the Irish side. The Government had given way in respect to allowing inspection to take place at the arriving ports; and the increase in the Vote was, therefore, in his opinion, justifiable, although an increased inspection had been made on the wrong side of the Channel.

Vote agreed to.