HC Deb 05 August 1879 vol 249 cc180-1

asked the Chief Commissioner of Works, What is the reason that the 36th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers have been forbidden to march across Kensington Gardens on their way to drill from their armoury, and which for the last few years they have been allowed to do, as the route saves them both time and distance?


On the 13th of June I saw the 36th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers enter Kensington Gardens by the Engine Gate from the Bays water Road. They marched along the path for about 100 yards, were then halted, and ordered to climb over the rails. They were formed up in companies under the trees, and the band played. Five or six mounted officers rode on the paths and over the grass. The Rules under the Parks Regulation Act state— No. 1. No person may ride or drive in these Gardens except between the Queen's Gate and the Exhibition Gate. No. 6. No person shall ride any horse except upon the road. No. 9. No unauthorized person shall drive or practice military evolutions, or use arms, or play any game or music. No. 20. Climbing the trees, railings, or fences is forbidden. It will be seen, therefore, that four distinct Rules wore broken. In the circumstances, I had no alternative but to write to the proper authorities at the War Office, asking them to communicate with the commanding officer of the 36th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers requesting him for the future not to infringe the Rules of the Parks.