HC Deb 02 August 1879 vol 248 cc1944-5

I wish to ask the Chief Secretary for Ireland, If it is a fact that the County Inspector of Constabulary, County Tyrone, has had lodged with him a complaint against a sub-inspector in his county, who, it is alleged, on the night of the 11th July, while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, broke into the house of a peaceful inhabitant, and, with revolver in hand, created terror and alarm to the inmates; whereupon he had to be removed by force; if it is a fact that the County Inspector has neglected and refused to hold any inquiry into this grave charge; and if he will promise an investigation into the conduct of the sub-inspector in question?


I must say I concur in the view of the Inspector General that a strong case has been made out for an investigation of what appears to be, not merely a serious breach of discipline, but something more. I am not aware that any proceedings are now pending before the Law Courts; but until it is clear whether such proceedings will or will not be taken it is undesirable that the matter should be discussed, or that it should be prejudged by any inquiry of the Constabulary authorities. I hope the subject will be inquired into in the manner that will best conduce to eliciting the truth. It is right I should add that the officer in question distinctly denies the charge made against him.