HC Deb 24 April 1879 vol 245 cc979-80

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether his attention has been called to the proceedings of certain Magistrates at Aberystwyth, who are alleged to have attended a supper which was lately held at the Lion Hotel in that town, and when the hour of eleven approached, are stated to have there and then signed an order for an extension of hours for the sale of drink on the premises in order to conclude the festivities of the evening; and, if so, whether he sees anything in the case which calls for his interference?


I believe that there is in this town a very old club which meets once a-year to settle its accounts, and the members usually have supper together afterwards. It has been the invariable practice hitherto to apply to the magistrates in the ordinary course for leave to have the house open for another hour, and it has been usual to grant this application. I am told that on this occasion, through some accident, no one had remembered to make the proper application, and the result was that when this was found out in the course of the evening, it was suggested that the defect should be remedied as soon as possible. I am bound to say, while giving the magistrates credit for wishing to do right, that I think they did extremely wrong. In my opinion, they had very much better have broken up and gone home. More than that I cannot say, except that I believe they are very sorry for what has happened.