HC Deb 17 April 1879 vol 245 c515

NEW WRIT ISSUED—For Cumberland County (Eastern Division), v. the Hon. Charles Wentworth George Howard, deceased.

SUPPLY—considered in Committee—CIVIL SERVICE ESTIMATES, Class I., Vote 1, £29,540, Royal Palaces—R.P.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in CommitteeOrderedFirst Reading—Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation (No. 2) * [125].

Second Reading—Land Drainage Provisional Order (Bispham, &c.) * [104]; Licensing Laws Amendment [25], debate adjourned.

CommitteeReport—General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Provisional Order (Inverness) * [112]; General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Provisional Order (Paisley) * [110]; Blind and Deaf-Mute Children (Education) [93].

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