HC Deb 03 April 1879 vol 245 c264

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether the questions recently referred to by him as delaying the issue of the scheme for the re-organisation of the Customs have yet been settled; and, if not, whether he can state when they are likely to be settled, and the long delayed scheme issued?


asked the Secretary to the Treasury, Whether, as part of the scheme for the reorganisation of the Customs Department, the principle of which has already been decided upon by the Treasury, it is still the intention of the Government, as announced on the 27th of June last, to offer the terms of retirement under the Superannuation Act of 1859; and, if so, whether for the convenience of those who might wish to retire from the service, the Treasury could give an early notification to that effect to the Department?


in reply, said, that the details connected with the scheme of organization had not yet been settled; but he hoped before long to be able to announce that the scheme had been approved of, and that it would be carried out. In answer to the second Question, the re-organization of the Department would not necessarily involve any retirement, and there was no intention on the part of the Board of Customs to recommend the granting of special allowances on retirement.