HC Deb 03 April 1879 vol 245 cc271-2

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, with reference to the appointment of Chefket Pasha to a command at Monastir (see Blue Book, No. 2205, Despatch No. 198), Whether Her Majesty' s Government have made any further remonstrance against his employment at that place in the heart of the country of the Western Bulgarians, and within the limits of West Bulgaria, as defined by Lord Salisbury when at Constantinople?


in reply, said, that since Chefket Pasha had been removed to Monastir, Her Majesty's Government had heard no complaints against him. Therefore, no further remonstrance had been made by Her Majesty's Govern- ment. He wished the hon. Member had quoted the remonstrance made when Chefket Pasha was sent to Salonica, because that remonstrance was couched in the strongest possible manner.