HC Deb 03 April 1879 vol 245 c259

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, Whether the attention of the Local Government Board for Ireland has been called to the evidence of Mary Eliza Kenny, nurse in the Cavan Workhouse, before the Poor Law Inquiry Commissioners, in which she stated that, owing to want of room, she had been obliged to put sick persons two in a bed; that she had, a few days previously, two children afflicted with itch in one bed; and, whether the Local Government Board have remonstrated with the Guardians on the subject or taken any action in the matter; and, if so, what is the date of the first of such communications?


Sir, I find that the Guardians of the Union referred to appointed a committee to inquire into this subject, and they took the evidence of their medical officer. I was surprised to find that the medical officer appeared to be of opinion that the practice alluded to was a legitimate one; and I was still more astonished to find that the committee itself did not consider such proceedings reprehensible. I will, however, bring the matter again under the notice of the Guardians.