HC Deb 23 May 1878 vol 240 c495

asked the Lord Advocate, If he is aware that by a recent decision of the High Court of Justiciary "The Sale of Food and Drugs Act, 1875," has practically become inoperative in Scotland; and, if so, what steps he proposes to take to remedy this state of things?


in reply, said, his attention had been called to the decision in question. The result of that decision was rather too strongly put in the Question. It only affected the 6th clause of the Act; but he admitted that it would have the practical effect of stopping prosecutions under that clause. The Act, however, was one which applied to England as well as to Scotland, and the same point which had been decided by the Judges in the High Court of Justiciary had been raised by an appeal from a decision of the magistrates of Sheffield. He understood that that appeal was now pending before the High Court at Westminster; and, under these circumstances, he thought it better, before taking any steps in the matter, to wait and ascertain what the decision of that Court might be.