HC Deb 16 May 1878 vol 240 cc27-8

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, "Whether, having regard to the fact that the Royal Com- missioners for the Paris Exhibition, 1878, have (out of the moneys granted to them by Parliament) voted the sum of £100 to assist English artizans to visit the Exhibition, the Government are prepared to recommend that a sum be granted out of the same funds for a similar purpose in aid of the subscription now being made in Ireland to assist the workmen of that Country to visit the Paris Exhibition?


Sir, the arrangement that has been made with respect to the grant for the Paris Exhibition is that it shall be entirely at the disposal of the Commissioners, subject to the control of the Treasury, and the necessity of providing proper vouchers. It would not be consistent with the arrangement that has been made that the Government should interfere in any way with the appropriation of that money, and such a suggestion as that contained in the hon. and learned Member's Question should be addressed to the Royal Commissioners themselves.


, as Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Exhibition, answering a further Question by the hon. and learned Member, said, that he would remind the House that in 1867 Parliament granted for the expense of the British section £130,000, and on this occasion had only granted £50,000. Therefore, great economy was required. The utmost the Commission could grant for the benefit of artisans visiting the Exhibition was £100, and this would be applied through the Society of Arts, who were gathering subscriptions in order, if possible, to send artizans from all parts of the United Kingdom.