HC Deb 29 March 1878 vol 239 c201

Sir, I wish merely to say one word in explanation of this Question. What I wanted to ask the right hon. Gentleman the Chancellor of the Exchequer was whether some historical facts could not be produced to the House to explain the Articles of the Treaty of San Stefano? but, under the circumstances, I cannot press the right hon. Gentleman for an answer. I will ask the Question, and, of course, he can answer it or not as he thinks fit. The Question is—Whether Her Majesty's Government are in possession of any documents explaining the allusion contained in Article VII. of the Treaty of San Stefano to the "precedents established in 1830 after the Peace of Adrianople; "and, if so, whether such documents can be communicated to the House?


If my hon. Friend will allow me, I should much prefer to wait a little before answering this Question; and, in the meantime, I will make inquiry as to the existence of these documents, and if they do exist, whether they are of such a nature that they can be communicated to the House.