HC Deb 28 March 1878 vol 239 cc115-6

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, with reference to the recent appointment to the distributorship of Stamps for the county of Kerry, Whether it is the fact that Mr. W. Linihan, who for over twenty-two years has been constantly employed in the Stamp Office at Tralee, applied for the post; whether Mr. Linihan's long experience in the practical management of the office, his intimate knowledge of the Legacy and Succession Duty Acts, and the general satisfaction he has given in the performance of his duties had been brought under the notice of the Government previously to the appointment being made; and, whether a gentleman having no previous connection with the Stamp Office, and no experience of the duties connected with it, has been appointed?


I ask permission to answer this Question, as it is more particularly related to the offices with which I am connected. It is true that Mr. Linihan applied for the post referred to. The authorities also were aware that Mr. Linihan had been employed by the late distributor of stamps as his deputy, by, I suppose, a private arrangement between the two. With regard to the third part of the Question, although the gentleman now appointed had no previous connection with the Stamp Office, yet he is a gentleman who the Government have every reason to believe is fully competent for the duties of his office.