HC Deb 14 March 1878 vol 238 cc1297-8

asked Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Whether the Government intend to proceed with the adjourned debate on going into Committee on the County Government Bill before the Order for the Second Reading of the Grand Jury Amendment (Ireland) Bill, and when it is proposed to proceed with the said Bill?


Sir, unless there should be very great difficulty with regard to our financial Business, I hope to be able to take those Bills on Thursday, the 28th; but I would point out to the hon. and learned Gentleman that the position of the question is that the debate upon the Question that the Speaker do leave the Chair on the County Government Bill—the English Bill—was brought nearly to a close the other evening, but was adjourned in consequence of private Members wishing to continue the discussion. I think it would be more convenient that the discussion they proposed to raise should be conducted on the second reading of the Grand Jury Bill, and if hon. Gentlemen would consent to allow the division to be taken on the Question that the Speaker do leave the Chair on the County Government Bill without further delay, we should propose moving to report Progress, and then to take the second reading on the Irish Grand Jury Bills. That would probably be the most convenient way to meet the wishes of all concerned. The County Government Bill stands on the Orders for to-night. I do not know whether it will be reached before half-past 12, but if it should I hope there will be a consent to allow that stage to be taken, and then we should have the 28th instant open for the Grand Jury Bill; otherwise the English Bill must stand as the first Order of the Day, and the Grand Jury Bill as the second.


said, he should oppose the course suggested by the right hon. Gentleman, because many English Members desired to speak on the County Government Bill.