HC Deb 04 March 1878 vol 238 cc722-3

Bill considered in Committee. MR. FAWCETT asked for some explanation as to the purposes for which the amount named in the Bill was required?


said, the bonds in question had been issued in order to raise a loan which was to be employed in making advances for building schools under the operation of the Education Act. It had not been found convenient to pay those bonds when they became due, and in consequence it was proposed to renew them. It was to effect that renewal that the present Bill was introduced, but no additional tax was asked for under its provisions.


pointed out that an Exchequer Bonds Bill had figured on the Notice Paper almost every night for the last few weeks, and wished to know whether the Bill under consideration was a different, or the same one?


replied, that it was the same; but that the Forms of the House rendered it necessary the proposal for renewing the bonds should go through various stages. Hence it was, that under the present heading it had appeared so frequently on the Notice Paper.

Bill reported, without Amendment; to be read the third time To-morrow.