HC Deb 17 June 1878 vol 240 cc1604-5

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, If his attention has been called to the fact that certain Assizes have been already fixed by the Judges for the week during which the Quarter Sessions are by Act of Parliament directed to be held which will prevent these Sessions being held upon their accustomed days in that week, and to the inconvenience that will thus be caused to the magistrates, counsel, and jurors; and, if he will be prepared, by a short Act of Parliament, to extend the operation of the Act 4 and 5 Will. 4, c. 47, to the Midsummer Sessions?


in reply, said, he was aware that it had happened in more cases than one that certain Assizes had been fixed by the Judges for the week in which the Quarter Sessions were held under the provisions of an Act of Parliament, and this, no doubt, led to some inconvenience. A Committee of Judges, together with the Lord Chancellor and himself, had been considering the subject, with a view to make arrangements for the future, by which the inconvenience which had thus been occasioned would be avoided; and it was not worth while, therefore, to bring in a Bill that Session.