HC Deb 29 July 1878 vol 242 c520

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether he can hold out any prospect on the part of the Government of introducing next Session a Bill for the amendment of the Acts relating to municipal corporations, as he has been unable this Session to carry out his intention of doing so, which he announced on the 10th of August last year, in which Bill he hoped to include provisions for the readjustment of wards and councillors in boroughs, with a view of correcting anomalies in the representation arising from changes in the population and rateable value of existing wards?


Sir, when on the 10th of August last year I made some observations to which the hon. Member refers, but which he does not in his Question quite accurately describe, I had been informed that a Bill to amend the Municipal Corporations Acts would be introduced by the Government this Session, and I expressed an opinion that the provisions relating to the adjustment of wards, which the hon. Gentleman the Member for Warwick (Mr. Arthur Pell) was then pressing, would find a more appropriate place in such Bill than in the one which was then under my charge. The Government measure I alluded to has been introduced by my hon. Friend the Secretary to the Treasury, and, I believe, is now in Committee. I had no other Bill in contemplation when I spoke.