HC Deb 15 July 1878 vol 241 cc1462-3

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether Sir Bryen O'Loghlen, Member for Clare County, having since his election accepted an emolumentary office under the Crown, as Her Majesty's Attorney General for Victoria, has not thereby vacated his seat in this House?


Sir, the Question whether an hon. Gentleman who has been elected a Member of this House has vacated his seat is one which it is for the House itself to decide. I therefore hope my hon. and learned Friend will not think me discourteous if I decline at present to commit myself to an opinion upon a point as to which, when it comes to be investigated by the House, I shall be called upon, as one of the Law Officers of the Crown, to advise either the House or the Government.


gave Notice, that on Wednesday he would ask the date of the appointment of Sir Bryen O'Loghlen to the appointment of Attorney General in Victoria; what salary was attached to the position; and, whether the hon. Baronet had accepted the Office?