HC Deb 11 July 1878 vol 241 cc1234-5

asked the President of the Board of Trade, If he has any objection to inform the House whether, beside sending a Copy of Major General Hutchinson's Report of 11th April, to the Directors of the Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford Railway Company, the Board of Trade has taken any, and, if any, what steps to procure a revision of fares and charges described in that Report as "unreasonably high;" whether the Railway Commissioners, if moved by the Board of Trade, have powers to institute a further inquiry into, and, if need be, prescribe remedies for the management and accommodation provided by the Company, concerning which Major General Hutchinson, in the aforesaid Report, describes "the complaints to be well founded;" and, if it is his intention to bring the Report under the consideration of the Railway Commissioners?


I have not thought it right to take any other step with respect to the revision of the fares and charges of the Dublin, Wicklow, and Wexford Railway Company, beyond that of sending to the Directors a copy of Major General Hutchinson's Report, as I do not think it is a case for the Board of Trade to take legal proceedings to bring the matter before the Railway Commission. It appears to me to rest rather with individuals interested, or with the Corporation of Dublin, to take such a course as they may think necessary to raise the qestion before the Commissioners. Should the Dublin Corporation desire to move in this matter, the Board of Trade will, upon an application from them, consider whether the case is one which would justify our issuing a certificate, as provided by the 13th section of the Railway and Canal Traffic Act, 1873. We have received a communication from the Railway Company, stating what steps they have taken to comply with the recommendations of Major General Hutchinson's Report. I shall be happy to present it to Parliament, if the hon. Gentleman would like to move for it.