HC Deb 01 July 1878 vol 241 cc489-90

asked the Secretary to the Treasury, If he will cause a complete statement of all Harbour Loans made out of public moneys to be laid upon the Table, so that Members who attend to such questions may have ready access to the information as to the loans made and for what harbours; also as to dates, duration, rates of interest, sinking fund, the loans in perfect order, partially in order, thoroughly in disorder, with the details thereof, so as to exhibit the sums in arrear?


Sir, in the 3rd Report of the Public Works Loan Commissioners, just issued, the total amount issued by the Public Works Loan Commissioners for harbours is stated. The amount of principal outstanding is also stated, the amount in arrear being separately stated from the amount not yet due. Further on, in the Appendix, will be found a list of the harbours on account of which debts are outstanding. I have no objection to lay on the Table a Return of harbour loans with respect to which principal or interest is in arrear, and to give the conditions on which such loans were advanced. Further than this, from time to time—say at intervals of 10 years—the Treasury propose to issue, in continuation of Returns already existing, statements of the loan transactions of the Public Works Loan Commissioners and of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland. I trust that the object of the hon. and gallant Member will be thus met.