HC Deb 29 January 1878 vol 237 cc619-20

asked Mr. Solicitor General, Whether he has considered the desirability (in addition to the other information contained in the annual Law List published by authority) of, in the case of solicitors once, twice, or more times bankrupt, giving the dates of bankruptcy, dividends paid, and the names of assignees of whom detailed particulars might be had; also, in the case of solicitors whose names do not continuously appear in the Law List, the reason for omission in occasional years being explained?


in reply, said, he did not think it would be fair to give the names of bankrupt solicitors in the Law Lists, because he did not see why the stigma of bankruptcy should attach to the name of a solicitor for the rest of his life any more than to other classes. The annual Law List consisted of two parts. One was a book maintained by purely private speculation, based upon the ordinary sources of information. The other was a list of solicitors who had taken out on the 1st day of January duly stamped certificates. If a solicitor took out his certificate after that date, his name did not appear in the list, which was made up to that date, and that accounted for the names of some solicitors not appearing in the Law List from year to year.