HC Deb 21 January 1878 vol 237 cc255-6

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, Whether he can give any information with regard to a statement they were all sorry to see in the papers as to a further outbreak of insurrection at the Cape?


Sir, perhaps the best manner in which I can answer the right hon. Gentleman's Question is, with the permission of the House, to read an extract from a despatch which was received on Saturday from Sir Bartle Frere— January 1.—Kreli's overtures to surrender came to nothing. Columns under Colonel Glyn sweeping Galeka Land have met little opposition. Great difficulty in keeping open communications with General at Ibeka, as Gaika rebellion is spreading consequent on tardy arrival of sufficient Colonial reinforcements. Martial law proclaimed in Gaika location. I may add that the House is aware that a regiment of Infantry and a battery of Artillery were despatched some days ago, and Her Majesty's Government, with a view of obviating any cause of further alarm, have determined to send out another regiment.