HC Deb 21 January 1878 vol 237 cc256-7

asked the Home Secretary, Whether the Business of Thursday would allow of their taking the second reading of the Factories and Workshops Bill? It would, he further said, be a great convenience if the right hon. Gentleman would inform the House if it was substantially the same Bill as was brought in last year?


Sir, on Thursday it is, I believe, intended to take the second reading of the Scotch Roads and Bridges Bill first. That, I hope, will not take very long, and after that, if we can do so at a reasonable hour, we shall take the Factories and Workshops Bill. The Bill this year is substantially the same as that of last year. The right hon. Gentleman will find that some few of the Amendments placed upon the Paper have been adopted and incorporated into the Bill; and as to the definition clause, it will be made clearer than it was, but for all practical purposes it is the same Bill.


Sir, it may be convenient that I should ask a Question of the right hon. Gentleman the Chancellor of the Exchequer as to the Motion standing in his name for the appointment of a Select Committee to consider the best means of promoting the Despatch of Public Business in this House. I see there are three Orders of the Day, two of which are opposed, and may possibly take some time. I observe that the right hon. Gentleman has not given Notice that he will move the postponement of the Orders of the Day until after his Motion has been disposed of, and it is possible, therefore, that the Motion may come on rather late. I will ask the right hon. Gentleman if he intends to move for the Committee at a late hour in the evening, or if he will name after what hour he will not take it?


Sir, I may say that I had not contemplated that this Motion need lead to any considerable debate, as I had intended to state to the House very briefly my desire for the appointment of a Committee, before which, in redemption of the pledge I gave last Session, I shall be prepared to make certain proposals on behalf of the Government; and these proposals, with any others that might be suggested in Committee, might be put in a shape in which they can conveniently come before the House for discussion. I hope, therefore, it may not involve any very prolonged discussion on the present occasion. If it is likely there will be any very long discussion, it might not be convenient to take it at a late hour, and I would not take it after 11 o'clock. I hope we shall be able to reach it before that time.


Sir, I beg to give Notice that I shall move the addition of the following words as an Amendment of the Motion of the right hon. Gentleman the Chancellor of the Exchequer:— And to consider whether the endeavour of the Imperial Parliament to deal with the legislative requirements of the three Kingdoms as to local affairs has not been a serious obstacle to the due and expeditious discharge of the general Business of the House.