HC Deb 18 January 1878 vol 237 cc155-6

NEW WRITS ISSUED — For Greenock, v. James Johnstone Grieve, esquire, Chiltern Hundreds; for Leith District of Burghs, v. Donald Robert Macgregor, esquire, Manor of Northstead.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Hours of Polling (Metropolis), appointed.

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolutions in CommitteeOrderedFirst Heading—Permissive Prohibitory Liquor*[24]; Intoxicating Liquors (Ireland)*[38]; Divine Worship Facilities*[46]; Money Laws (Ireland)*[54]; Clerical Disabilities*[57]; Intoxicating Liquors (Licences) (Ireland)*[70].

OrderedFirst Reading—Public Health (Ireland)*[1]; Linen and Yam Halls (Dublin)*[2]; Factories and Workshops*[3]; Roads and Bridges (Scotland)*[4]; Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday*[5]; Voters (Ireland)*[6]; County Infirmaries, &;c. (Ireland)*[7]; Eating of Towns (Ireland)*[8]; Glebe Loans (Ireland)*[9]; County Courts*[10]; Employers' Liability for Injuries*[11]; Women's Disabilities Removal*[12]; Tenants' Improvements (Ireland)*[13]; Parliamentary Elections (Metropolis)*[14]; Queen Anne's Bounty*[15]; Colonial Marriages*[16]; Poor Law Guardians (Ireland) Election*[17]; Waste Lands (Ireland)*[18]; Capital Punishment Abolition*[19]; Municipal Franchise (Ireland)*[20]; Hospitals, &c. (Scotland)*[21]; Town Councils, Local Boards, and other Local Governing Bodies*[22]; Criminal Law Evidence Amendment*[23]; Entails and Settlements Limitation*[25]; Queen's Colleges and University (Ireland)*[26]; Habitual Drunkards*[27]; Real Estate Intestacy*[28]; Hypothec (Scotland)*[29]; Medical Act (1858) Amendment*[30]; Tenant Right (Ireland)*[31]; Married Women's Property (Scotland)*[32]; Parliamentary Electors Registration*[33]; Public Parks (Scotland)*[34]; Valuation*[35]; Cruelty to Animals*[36]; Public Baths and Washhouses*[37]; Agricultural Tenants (Security for Improvements)*[39]; Sea Fisheries (Ireland)*[40]; Union Officers (Ireland)*[41]; Union Justices (Ireland)*[42]; Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Law Amendment*[43]; Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday (Ireland)*[44]; House Occupiers Disqualification Removal*[45]; Tramways (Ireland) Acts Amendment*[47]; Training Schools and Ships*[48]; Hypothec (Scotland) (No. 2)*[49]; Land Tenure (Ireland)*[50]; Assistant County Surveyors (Ireland)*[51]; Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister*[52]; Gun Licence Act (1870) Amendment*[53]; Tenant Right (Ulster)*[54]; Married Women's Property Act (1870) Amendment*[55]; Metropolis Waterworks (Purchase)*[58]; Contagious Diseases Acts Repeal*[59]; Destitute Children (Ireland)*[60]; Inhabited House Duty*[61]; Medical Officers' Qualifications*[62]; Ancient Monuments*[63]; County Boards (Ireland)*[64]; Voters (Ireland) (No. 2)*[65]; Public Health Act (1875) Amendment*[66]; Metropolis Management and Building Acts Amendment*[67]; Borough Voters*[68]; Criminal Law Practice Amendment*[69]; Election of Aldermen (Cumulative Vote)*[71]; Blind and Deaf-Mutc Children (Education)*[72]; Parliamentary and Municipal Registration*[73]; Vaccination Law (Penalties)*[74]; Church Rates (Scotland)*[75]; Racecourses (Licensing)*[76]; Parliamentary and Municipal Franchise (Ireland)*[77]; Irish Peerage*[78].

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