HC Deb 22 February 1878 vol 238 c156

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether his attention has been called to the failure of justice in the recent prosecution of The Queen v. Bradlaugh and Besant, for the publication of an indecent book, such failure being caused, as declared by the Court of Appeal, through the insufficiency of the indictment against those persons; whether such indictment was prepared or settled by the Chief Law Officers of the Crown; or, if not, by whom; and, whether he will bring in any measure by which persons who are put to great expense or trouble by means of wrongfully drawn indictments, settled by the Chief Law Officers of the Crown, can obtain compensation from the Treasury, or redress of any sort?


I should be glad to give every information to the hon. Member in my power; but I think this Question has been asked under some misapprehension. The Government have had nothing whatever to do either with the prosecution or with the drawing of the indictment to which the hon. Member refers.