HC Deb 19 February 1878 vol 237 c1922

asked the Postmaster General, Whether it is a fact that since the 1st of April 1873 no promotions have been made from the second and third class of the Money Order Department of the General Post Office, although during the period in question many vacancies have occurred and still exist, no alteration having been made in the establishment of that office?


Yes, Sir; it is the fact that no promotions have been made as stated in the Question of the hon. Baronet. On that date, in consequence of a general revision, accompanied by optional retirements, there were a large number of promotions, and the higher positions were filled by comparatively young men, among whom, presumably, vacancies would be slower than among those whom they had succeeded. Thus, in the first class, no vacancy, and in the second class, only one vacancy occurred until 1876. Since then several vacancies have occurred in consequence of exceptional circumstances, which induced me to propose to the Treasury that the office should be revised again. A decision on this proposal is expected daily, and as soon as it arrives no time shall be lost in making any promotions that may remain to be made under the new scheme.