HC Deb 13 December 1878 vol 243 c740

asked the Under Secretary of State for India, Whether it is true that during Lord Northbrook's Viceroyalty a non-commissioned officer of the "Guides" set out, with the approval of his chief, and after many months' absence returned, bringing with him a map of the whole route traversed by him from the Afghan Frontier to the nearest Russian post, and that his chief at once forwarded this map to head quarters; whether the acknowledgment for such service was not a reprimand to all concerned; whether, although rewarded by the colonel of his regiment in the first instance, the non-commissioned officer was not dismissed the service by order of the Viceroy; whether such non-commissioned officer was afterwards reinstated, and by whom, and when; and, whether it is not the especial duty of the "Guides" to obtain all the geographical and topographical knowledge possible of our Indian Frontier?


Sir, I have made all inquiries possible since I saw the Question of the hon. and gallant Member on the Paper; but I cannot hear anything whatever of the statement to which it refers.