HC Deb 12 December 1878 vol 243 c632

I beg to give Notice that to-morrow I shall ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer Whether, when he stated the other day that the Russian Envoy had left Cabul, he intended that the Russian Mission had left Afghanistan; and, if he can inform the House as to the state of the case as to the Russian Mission in Afghanistan, and whether it still remains there or not?


Sir, I may be allowed at once to answer that Question. At the time that I gave that Answer I gave it according to the information which we then possessed. I understood—the Government understood—from what had passed between our Representatives and the Russian Government, that the return of the Envoy from Cabul was equivalent to the recall of the Mission; but we have received quite recently—since this debate commenced—information which leads us to form an opposite conclusion. I can assure the House that it may be quite certain the Government will not acquiesce—and does not intend to acquiesce—in the exercise of Russian influence in Afghanistan in that or any other form.