HC Deb 14 August 1878 vol 242 cc1945-6

asked the Postmaster General, Whether the scale of pay is not higher, and the classification better, of the clerks in the Surveyor General's branch of the General Post Office in Edinburgh than that of the clerks in the corresponding department (viz. the Secretary's office) of the General Post Office in Dublin; whether it is not a fact that the duties performed by both sets of officials are identical; and, whether, if this is so, he intends to remedy the inequality under which the Irish section of the department is labouring, by giving the clerks in the Secretary's branch of the Dublin office the classification and rate of pay accorded in Edinburgh?


Sir, with reference to the first Question which has been put to me, I may reply to it generally in the affirmative. As to the other parts of the interrogatory, I have simply to say that I have no power, so far as I am personally concerned, to alter or remedy the inequality complained of; but it is my intention to call the attention of the Treasury to the subject.