HC Deb 09 August 1878 vol 242 c1638

asked Mr. Attorney General, If he would take into his consideration the best means of restraining the publication of all evidence in divorce and criminal trials beyond the simple facts necessary to prove that justice is done?


Sir, it is very difficult to suggest any means of accomplishing the object of my hon. Friend without unduly interfering with the freedom of the Press and the liberty of the subject. Moreover, it is obvious that, in many instances, it will be impossible to enable the public to form a judgment whether a right conclusion has been arrived at without publishing full details of the evidence; and it seems to me that you will purify newspaper reports of trials at too great an expense if you deprive the public of the means of forming a conclusion as to whether justice is properly administered or not. The subject, however, is one of considerable importance, and I will give it careful consideration in the Recess.