HC Deb 09 August 1878 vol 242 cc1635-6

asked Mr. Attorney General, Whether (seeing that the Order for going into Committee on the ''Bankruptcy Law Amendment Bill" has been discharged), he sees any objection to the further progress, this Session, of the "Bankruptcy Act (1869) Amendment Bill;" and, if he sees such objection, whether he will be good enough to inform the House what course Her Majesty's Government propose to take next Session in reference to the amendment of the Law respecting bankruptcy?


Sir, I think it would be objectionable to sanction the proceeding with the Bankruptcy Act (1869) Amendment Bill. This Bill contains, no doubt, many desirable alterations in the law; but it does not propose to deal with the subject of bankruptcy in the complete manner in which it is dealt with by the Bill introduced by the Government, which, though abandoned for the present, will be brought forward next Session. The Government Bill contains nearly all the amendments of the law proposed by the Bill of my hon. Friend, and also several others of great importance. It would seem to be a pity to resort to partial legislation this Session, which would necessarily have to be supplemented next. It is proposed to introduce the Government measure very early next Session. If many important alterations are suggested by ton. Members in the discussion upon the second reading, the best course will be to refer the Bill to a Select Committee. It will not be difficult in such Committee to decide upon the Amendments which ought to be adopted, and get the Report upon the Bill in ample time to pass it through Parliament during the Session.