HC Deb 12 April 1878 vol 239 cc1257-8

Order read, for resuming Adjourned Debate on Question [18th February], "That the Bill be now read a second time."

Question again proposed.

Debate resumed.


thought it would be desirable for the Government to refrain from pressing the second reading, and agree to a further adjournment of the debate until some progress had been made with the County Government Bill,—the two subjects being intimately connected.


said, he had promised on a former occasion not to proceed with the Bill in Committee till some further progress had been made with the County Government Bill. His present object was to pass the Bill through its second reading.


suggested that the shoes of traction engines should be four inches broad and not less than an inch thick. He also maintained that some exemption should be made in the case of owners of traction engines from the penalties inflicted for the non-consumption of smoke. There was an impression that engines could be made to consume their own smoke; but it was erroneous, as it was impossible to avoid causing some smoke when a traction engine was fired. Men were put on in some places in Wales to watch when an engine was fired with the view of getting the penalty of £5 inflicted. He hoped the President of the Local Government Board would look to this matter, and in some way by legislation obviate such an injustice.

Question put, and agreed to.

Bill read a second time, and committed for Monday next.