HC Deb 08 April 1878 vol 239 c853

NEW MEMBER SWORN—William Ewart, esquire, for Belfast.

SELECT COMMITTEE—Parliamentary and Municipal Elections (Hours of Polling), Mr. Mundella and Mr. Charley added.

PRIVATE BILL—Manchester Corporation Water, reported from Select Committee. [No. 136.]

PUBLIC BILLS—Resolution in Committee—Conway Bridge (Composition of Debt)*.

Resolution in Committee—Ordered—First Reading—Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation (No. 1) * [148].

Ordered—First Reading—General Police and Improvement (Scotland) Act, 1862, Amendment* [147].

CommitteePublic Health Act (1875) Amendment (re-comm.) * [144]—R.P.

Committee—Report—Bills of Exchange (Acceptance) * [135].

Considered as amended—Metropolis Management and Building Acts Amendment * [132].

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