HC Deb 15 May 1877 vol 234 c1015 Select Committee nominated:—Lord FRANCIS HERVEY, Mr. HERSCHELL, Earl PERCY, Mr. BERESFORD HOPE, Mr. SULLIVAN. Sir PHILIP EGERTON, Mr. OSBORNE MORGAN, Mr. RODWELL, Mr. GRANT DUFF, Sir CHARLES LEGARD, Sir RICHARD WALLACE, Mr. ARTHUR MOORE, and Sir JOHN LUBBOCK; Five to be the quorum. Ordered, That the Select Committee on the Ancient Monuments Bill have power to send for persons, papers, and records. That, subject to the Rules, Orders, and Proceedings of this House, all persons legally interested in any of the properties included in the Schedules have leave to appear, by their Agents, Counsel, and Witnesses, in support of any Petition which they may have presented praying to be heard against the Bill.—(Mr. Greene.)