HC Deb 26 March 1877 vol 233 cc496-7

asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, If it is true as reported that the body of the missing Abyssinian Envoy, about whose treatment by the Egyptian Government an inquiry was lately made in Parliament, has been found on the shore at Massowah, at present in the occupation of the Egyptian troops, under circumstances which would lead to the presumption that the Envoy had been murdered; and, whether Her Majesty's Government, if not already in possession of the necessary information, will take steps to investigate the truth of this report; and, if ascertained to be true, will remonstrate with the Government of the Khedive for having permitted such an outrage on the person of a Christian Envoy to take place in the territory under his control?


asked the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Whether the Abyssinian Envoy who, according to a letter received by Messrs. King and Co. from Suez, as reported in the "Times" of last Friday, has been found on the sea shore close to Massowah sewn up in canvass matting, is the same Envoy who he informed the House on the 13th instant had been reported to the Foreign Office as having safely arrived at Massowah?


Sir, the Question asked by the hon. Member for Rochdale (Mr. Potter) is substantially the same as the Question of the hon. Member for Wexford (Mr. O'Clery), though the latter covers a little more ground than the former. With the permission of the House I will answer the latter Question. The House will recollect that I answered a Question precisely similar a few days ago, and I have no reason to doubt that the answer I gave upon the information we had received was perfectly accurate. We received a Report by telegraph today from our Consular Agent, who is making fresh inquiries at Massowah on the subject, but he adds that the Report which has been sent to this country by Messrs. King, a copy of which I have received, is substantially the same as that which came a few days ago, and which formed the foundation of the Question which I answered a few days ago. He is under the belief that the Report sent by Mr. King originated from Messrs. Barlow and Houghton, and that therefore the Report as it comes now is substantially the same Report about which I gave all the information in my power.