HC Deb 19 March 1877 vol 233 c110

asked the Postmaster General, If the Cunard Company are now carrying Her Majesty's Mails between this Country and North America on precisely the same terms as those which have been refused by the White Star Line?


in reply, said, that in September last the Post Office communicated to the various steamship companies plying from British ports to New York, terms which it was proposed to offer after the close of last year for the conveyance of the United States Mails, and invited them to tender ships month by month upon such terms. The Cunard Company, the Guion Company, the Anchor Company, and the North German Lloyds had carried mails on the proposed terms for the last three months, and had agreed to do so for next month, and within the last day or two he had received a similar offer from the Inman Company, which proposed to commence the service on the 29th of this month. From the White Star Line no tender on those terms had been received.