HC Deb 13 March 1877 vol 232 cc1859-60

In reply to Colonel KINGSCOTE,


said: We have no further account respecting the origin of the outbreak of cattle plague at Beelsby, near Great Grimsby, in Lincolnshire. We are expecting shortly to hear from the Inspector of the Privy Council, who is on the spot, and I will not fail to communicate the result to my hon. and gallant Friend. I regret very much to say that yesterday evening, after I answered the Question about the Lincolnshire outbreak, Mr. Alexander, a dairyman at Stepney, reported cattle plague to have appeared in his dairy, consisting of 130 cows. The Inspector having found the report to be correct, the affected animals, five in number, were at once destroyed. The remaining 125 are being slaughtered. This outbreak is the more to be deplored from the fact that Mr. Alexander is reported to have taken every possible precaution. He had kept his premises locked, and had made his men use disinfectants in all their communications with the animals.


inquired whether Stepney was within the metropolitan district round which a cordon had been drawn?


replied that it was within the limit.

The "Questions" having been gone through—