HC Deb 28 June 1877 vol 235 cc400-1

asked the Secretary of State for War, If his attention has been called to a pamphlet circulated by Lieutenant Colonel Dawkins, late Coldstream Guards, on the Half Pay List, entitled "The Duke of Cambridge," and containing charges of the gravest character against His Royal Highness, as well as against other distinguished, officers, his military superiors; and, whether, having regard to the whole circumstances of Lieutenant Colonel Dawkins' case, he is prepared to recommend Her Majesty to dispense with that officer's further services?


In reply to my noble Friend, I may state that the pamphlet circulated by Lieutenant Colonel Dawkins, entitled The Duke of Cambridge, which is of a very extraordinary character, has been sent to me in common with other hon. Members. On becoming acquainted with its contents I directed that a letter should be written to Colonel Dawkins to ask him if he was really the author of it—because, of course, without proof of the authorship it would be impossible to proceed in the matter. To that letter no answer has yet been received. It was written three or four days ago. I am not quite aware of the fact, but I believe that Colonel Dawkins is not in town. I think until I have received some communication from the person responsible for the publication of a pamphlet of such a character I ought not to take any steps.


said, he happened to know that Colonel Dawkins was abroad.


In the public interest I will repeat the Question on a future day.