HC Deb 25 June 1877 vol 235 c192

asked the President of the Board of Trade, If he is aware that the barque "Bustonvale" was, on the 7th instant (June), compulsorily measured at Greenock for extra Tonnage Duty in consequence of carrying two spare spars on deck, in order to make the ship seaworthy in accordance with Lloyds' rules, and for which the master had to pay ten shillings for a Customs certificate, which tax will have to be paid on each occasion that he pays off his crew in a British port; and, if he will consider what measures may be adopted for the purpose of preventing the practice complained of?


Sir, the case of the Bustonvale has been brought to my notice. The duty of measuring spaces on deck occupied by cargo has lately been transferred to the Customs officers. I have been in communication with the Board of Customs on the subject generally, and one result is that the space occupied by five spare spars will not be included in tonnage measurement, but be taken as part of equipment. Another result is, that the fee for measuring deck cargoes is abolished.