HC Deb 21 June 1877 vol 235 cc88-9

asked the Secretary of State for War, Whether, considering the difficulty experienced in finding an officer to command the Hampshire Mounted Rifle Volunteer Corps in succession to Lieutenant Colonel Bower, resigned, he will submit to Her Majesty that that officer's resignation be cancelled, in accordance with the recommendation of the officer in temporary command of the corps and the unanimous wish of its members, as the most probable means of preventing the disbandment of the corps for want of numbers?


The establishment of the corps is, maximum 60, minimum 36. Its numbers have been as follow: —In 1873, 38 enrolled, 24 efficient; in 1874, 34 enrolled, 21 efficient; in 1875, 34 enrolled, 23 efficient; in 1876, 32 enrolled, 20 efficient. Colonel Bower is 67 years of age, and although fully recognizing his zeal and interest for his late corps, I do not think it advisable to depart from the rule not to appoint officers over 60, or to create a precedent by submitting to Her Majesty that an officer's resignation be cancelled for the mere purpose of endeavouring to maintain a corps of Mounted Rifle Volunteers.