HC Deb 14 June 1877 vol 234 cc1778-9

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether he has taken, or will take, any steps to provide that evidence may be laid before the Committee How sitting to inquire into the diseases of cattle, as to the condition and treatment of live animals on beard the vessels employed to convey such animals to this country from the different ports in Ireland?


The Committee appointed by the Lord President in 1869 to inquire into the transit of animals by sea and land made certain recommendations, which were embodied in the "Transit of Animals Order, 1870," and continued in the consolidated "Animals Order, 1875." There are now five travelling Inspectors engaged in superintending the carrying into effect of the Regulations, as suggested by the Committee of 1873, and the best results have ensued. It is impossible entirely to prevent the suffering of animals during transit; but the condition of things is much improved, and under these circumstances it would hardly be advisable, unless further evidence of the suffering of these animals came to the notice of the Committee, to re-open evidence which was fully gone into by a previous Committee.